Holiday Cottage South Warwickshire

Nearly finished at last A few small jobs to do this week and we’re ready for the carpets. Next job is fitting it out and furnishing it to holiday cottage standard Holiday Cottage South Warwickshire

Rent, Sell or Holiday Cottage

The White Cottage is nearly finished Electricians finished today and plumber is in later this week or early next week to fire up the new heating system. Carpenter is back on Monday to put cornice round the kitchen and finish of a bit of skirting and it’s then ready for the carpets. Big question is […]

Wheelchair Ramps for Shops

We find the most common mistake people make when ordering wheelchair ramps for shops is that they don’t take in to consideration they need to allow enough room for the wheelchair user to have a straight on approach to the ramp. Where this often causes problems is when the shop entrance is directly on to […]

Google+ Partner Playbook 2014

Google have updated the Google+ Partner Playbook for 2014 Bye Bye Tyra Banks – Hello Jim Powers Google+ Partner Playbook 2014

Online SEO Training Course DIY SEO Courses

Some of the questions that pop up frequently on the online forums I visit are; How do I find a good SEO? How do I find a reliable SEO? When do you know if you have a good SEO? What does a Good SEO do? How much should I pay for SEO? The same old […]

SEO Services for Tradesmen Warwickshire

It was 10 years in June that I gave up working on the building and decided to do SEO full time. Having spent 25 years in the industry I decided enough was enough and that I just couldn’t afford to carry on working as it was costing me too much money being away from a […]

Free SEO Advice from V1 SEO

Here it is, The Free SEO Advice fact sheet that SEO companies want to see banned. We are not saying follow this SEO Advice and you will miraculously suddenly appear on the front page of Google, but that by following the SEO Advice provided here it will set the foundations for your SEO campaign and […]

Top 10 SEO Tips

1. Page titles should be as descriptive as possible about the content of the page and include main keyword target of the page. 2. Headers should include target keyword of the page. 3. Content should be carefully considered and include the keyword and derivative keywords evenly throughout the page. 4. Site navigation should be clear, […]

Woodworm Treatment Dorset

It has been a while since I built a Single Page Website so I decided to add one to V1 SEO today for Woodworm Treatment Dorset. It only has a contact form on it at the moment but hopefully when I get ait of time I will add some more information and images relating to […]

Small is Beautiful UK Small Business Directory

When I started developing UK Small Business Directory one of the 1st things I did was provide free advertising I was initially just getting a handful of new entries a day but as I optimised it more this soon started to grow until in it’s heyday when it was receiving 200 new listings a day. […]

What has happened to the waffling

I don’t know why but for some reason I don’t appear to have done much waffling recently. I TEND TO GO THOUGH PHASES AND SPELLS OF WAFFLING, but can’t remember a waffle free period as long as this one before. Admittedly, I’ve tended to spend more time on the Zone recently, lurk on Google+ and […]

Google Traffic Calculator

V1 SEO have devised a new SEO tool that calculates the amount of unique visitors based on the selected keyword for the position achieved in the Google SERPS’s for that keyword. Google Traffic Calculator Keyword: Position in Google: Amount of Traffic this keyword generates in 24 hours  

Publisher Rank Checker

After months of deliberation Sim64 are proud to announce the launch of the Sim64 Publisher Rank Checker The Sim64 Publisher Rank Checker grades your Google+ Page between 0 and 100 based on a number of factors devised by Sim64. Find your Google Publisher Rank by entering the Google+ Id number or Custom URL of your […]

Google+ failed to fetch notifications 500 error

UPDATE 24/01/14 Whole of Google+ Down – Database backed up to 21 January 2014. The Reason Why Google+ was down Google+ not working Google+ not loading Google+ blank screen Something’s not right. We’re having trouble connecting to Google. We’ll keep trying… There was an error contacting the server. Please try again. Oops… the […]

Kashflow Promotional Code Promo Code gives you a Discount of Kashflow

Update March 2014: New Kashflow Promo Codes and pricing structure announced for 2014 See more here – New Kashflow Plans for 2014 See more about Kashflow Promo Codes here – What does Promo Code mean on Kashflow and Where do I find a Kashflow Promo Code I’ve blogged previously about the Kashflow Online Accounting Software […]

Using Rich Snippets and to improve local search

Although Google say; “Google doesn’t use markup for ranking purposes at this time” they also go on to say; “but rich snippets can make your web pages appear more prominently in search results, so you may see an increase in traffic.” Something else they don’t mention, but which our testing appear to validate is that […]

Link Devaluation The views of SEO Weasel

SEO Weasel has an interesting theory about Link Devaluation SEO Weasel says webmasters and website owners should stop running around like headless chickens looking at other websites for bad backlinks and links that have been devalued but instead try looking a little closer to home. Have you got a website with a good navigation system that spreads […]

Top 10 Webcams for Google Hangouts The Best Webcam for Google Hangouts

If your want to start using Google Hangouts in Google+ you really should think about getting a quality HD Webcam rather than just using the standard low quality web cam on some laptops. Over the next couple of days I will try to find the best webcams for Google Hangouts and create a top 10 […]

Using the Google+ Comments System on WordPress Posts

This is a 2nd post to test out using Using the Google+ Comments System on WordPress Posts. Please post a comment below to test this out – thank you. Note: This is a test, please do not use the 1st comment box, reply to the 1st comment instead – thank you. Post a Comment Using […]

Google+ Stats for Business Usage Comparison

This page has been set up to display the stats and compare Facebook, Twitter and Google+ usage by small businesses who sign up to UK Small Business Directory. It displays how many businesses added their Facebook details, Twitter details and Google+ details when they registered in UK Small Business Directory. Week 1 – 1st to […]

Google Author Rank Checker Testing Jump Links

Sim64 launch Google Author Rank Checker to help you find your Google Author Rank. What is Google Authorship and Author Rank   This is actually a little test on jump to links. Contents What is Google Authorship What is Author Rank How Can I Improve my Author Rank Is There An Author Rank Checker Does Google […]

Google Plus Tips, Tricks and Tools

5 of my favourite little Google Plus tools, tips and tricks that webmasters can use on their own websites. Self Hosted Google Plus Widget Google+ Search Box Google +1 Checker Google Plus Author Search Google Structured Data Testing Tool Button Find out more about each on my page – Google Plus Tools, Tips and Tricks […]

UK Small Business Directory Reviews

This page has been set up so you can provide reviews and comments on the the services provided by UK Small Business Directory Please provide a link to where your listing is within the directory when commenting. Please have a browse through this blog whilst you’re here, you will find lots of useful SEO information, […]

Kashflow Online Accounting Software and Invoicing Software Promo Code

Update March 2014: New Kashflow Promo Codes and pricing structure announced for 2014 See more here – New Kashflow Plans for 2014 See more about Kashflow Promo Codes here – What does Promo Code mean on Kashflow and Where do I find a Kashflow Promo Code I’ve been running my business for nearly 10 years […]

Full Kit Wankers

No idea how this guy  got in to my Twitter feed but I’m glad he did The language may be a bit saucy for some, but the posts are classic It’s basically a piss take of grown men who where full football kits 1st Tweet appeared on 10th September saying “We’re @WankersFullKit, set up […]

What is a good Open Site Explorer Domain Authority and Page Authority score

I know that the SEOMOZ Open Site Explorer implies a higer Domain Authority and Page Authority score is good but what is considered a good score? Having just checked one of my sites it comes up with an Open Site Explorer Domain Authority score of 74 and Page Authority of 79 Would those scores be […]

SEO Keywords Finder helps you find keywords by category

The V1 SEO keyword finder helps you find keywords related to business categories. Select category from list to see related keywords. 3D Visualisation Abba Tribute Acts Access Consultants Access equipment Accessible Bathrooms Accident Investigators Accommodation Accountants Acupuncture Adventure Sports advertising Advertising Agencies Aerial Installers Affiliate Marketing After School Activities Agriculture Air Compressors Air Conditioning Equipment […]

SEO Warwickshire

SEO Warwickshire V1 SEO are a Shipston-on-Stour based SEO Company who provide a hands on SEO service and SEO training to small business owners throughout South Warwickshire. Looking for a truly local Warwickshire SEO company, rather than call centres and outsourcing then V1 SEO is for you. The White Cottage Stourton Shipston-on-Stour Warwickshire CV36 5HG […]

Why I always shop at Amazon and buy direct from Amazon

I’ve just bought a new Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS II Lens from Amazon. As I always tend to do, I paid a small premium to buy direct from Amazon rather than through an Amazon store and also paid extra for the express delivery. On checking the next morning I found the exact same lens […]

Photos of Olympic Torch Relay Stratford-upon-Avon Shakespeare’s Birthplace

I went along and stood outside Shakespeare’s Birthplace as the Olympic Torch came through Stratford-upon-Avon today and got these photos of the Olympic Torch Relay. The last few photos show 83 year old local resident Peter Wyatt passing over the Olympic flame to another local Stratford resident 19 year old Camilla Hadland outside Shakespeare’s Birthplace. […]

Why Google have messed up Google+ Local for Business

I’ll start this post by saying I really like what Google are trying to do with Google+, Google+ Pages and Google+ Local – BUT! The big problem is though it appears as though there are different Google departments trying to out do each other rather than working together. So what have they messed up with […]

SEO Services

Well what do you know! I’ve just found this old SEO Services post which had been redirected to another post which was then redirected to another post. No idea how long ago I made the initial SEO Services post and when or why I redirected it but I thought I might as well break all […]

Is ahrefs the best SEO tool available at the moment

I’ve played with many SEO Tools over the years but generally tend to ignore most and rely on my own SEO testing and experimenting. There have been a few exceptions over the years, namely the fantastic McDar multi data center checker. I would now put Ahrefs in the same class as mcdar as one of those […]

Using Microdata to Improve Click Through Rates in Google

Using Microdata to Improve Click Through Rates in Google Google doesn’t use Microdata markup for ranking purposes at this time, but rich snippets can make your web pages appear more prominently in search results, so you may see an increase in traffic. Contents Using Microdata Markup to improve local search Profile Images in Google Results […]

Is Google using Traffic Data as a ranking factor Traffic Rating

I made a couple of blog posts last year predicting that Google may start using Traffic Data (data they aquire via people clicking on results in the Google results pages) as a ranking factor. Is Traffic Baiting The New Link Baiting Is Traffic Rating Important for SEO My theory was that Google would lower the importance […]

Best Sunglasses for Hayfever Sufferers

As someone who has suffered from Hayfever for a number of years and who particularly has problems with itchy and runny eyes I’m on the look out for the best sunglasses for hayfever sufferers. I’ve read that the sports style wraparound sunglasses are good for hayfever sufferers and also heard that foam padded sunglasses are […]

Identifying Google primary authority and contributing authorities Google delegated authority evaluation system

V1 SEO have started a process to identify the Google delegated authority evaluation system primary authority and contributing authorities used for gauging; reliability, trustworthiness, accuracy, impartiality, and quality. It is said that a primary authority may be a public entity or a private entity which hopefully then designates evaluation rating authority to contributing authorities that […]

Is Traffic Rating Important for SEO

I originally made this post back in June/July 2011 after seeing how important I thought traffic data may become. Was my prediction that the traffic data Google obtain via the SERP’s correct? Who knows, but as Google appear to be using more and more social features I still think it could have a bearing and […]

Is Traffic Baiting The New Link Baiting

I originally made this post back in May/June 2011 after seeing how important I thought having a Google Profile would become and after thinking Google must use traffic data more. Here we are nearly 12 months later, Google say they are changing the way back-links are being used and SEO’s are paniking. Was my prediction […]

The Best Teenager in the World : 24th April 1999 14:31

April 24th 1999 was a Saturday At about 07:00 on Saturday 24th April 1999 my wife and I started loading our car with some essentials and headed of to Warwick Hospital. 7 hours 31 minutes later at 14:31 on Saturday 24th April 1999 The best thing that has happened to me happened. 13 years later […]

Will Google acquire VFM Leonardo for Google Hotel Finder

Last year Google acquired ZAGAT the restaurant review service, will VFM Leonardo be next on their list when Google Hotel Finder comes out of experimental trials? “What is Google Hotel Finder? Google Hotel Finder is a new experimental product that makes it easier to compare and book hotels that are found across the web. Try it […]

Google Affiliate Network Expanding to UK

Nice to see the Google Affiliate Network expanding to the UK at last. We have been signed up to the Google Affiliate Network for at least 12 months now and have been waiting in vain for it to become better for UK based publishers. has now announced the introduction of UK promotions and deals from […]

Google Keyword Tool Alternative Check Keywords on Google

V1 SEO have created our own alternative version of the Google Keyword Tool to show how many results appear for a keyword when using Simple enter your keyword in the box below and click submit to see how many results there are in for that keyword.   You can also see the results at […]

Google +1 Checker Tool Updated

I’ve just discovered my Google +1 Checker Tool had stopped working No idea how long it has been broken, but I have just updated it and all seems OK again Google +1 Checker

SEO and the single product website

The concept of single product web pages and single product websites owes itself really to PPC where the main objective is to target a landing page to a specific AdWords campaign and set of keywords. V1 SEO are now expanding on this to provide optimised single product web pages which are set up to target […]

Search Engine Friendly WordPress Theme

I’ve posted before about SEO friendly WordPress themes and as this blog becomes more SEO related decided to put my advice in to practice. The first thing you will notice about this blog is the fact it doesn’t have the usual header images you generally associate with WordPress sites. In place of the usual header you will […]

Olympic Torch Shakespeare's Birthplace Stratford-upon-Avon

Update 1st July I have now updated some photos here – Photos of Olympic Torch Relay Stratford-upon-Avon Shakespeare’s Birthplace The Olympic Torch passes through Warwickshire on day 44 of the Olympic Torch Relay (1st July 2012) and enters Stratford-upon-Avon at 2:51pm The route goes; Shipston Road, Banbury Road, Clopton Bridge, Bridge Street, Henley Street (Shakespeares Birthplace), Windsor […]

Google Plus failure to engage UK Small Business Owners

This post will probably get the Google Plus fanbois ranting and saying Google Plus isn’t devised to be used by business, to which my reply is why on earth is there Google Plus Pages for business then? Since the start of 2012 V1 SEO and the UK Small Business Directory have been running a little […]

Google Review Stars in Search Results Manipulation Exposed

Today V1 SEO reveals just how easy it is to manipulate the Google review system that shows yellow stars next to listings in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) You will undoubtedly have noticed that when doing a search in Google that some results have little yellow stars next to their listings. These stars look really cool […]

Scariest Halloween Video Ever on YouTube

18 months after getting a nice HD quality Canon HG20 Video camera I’ve finally decided to start using it to upload videos to YouTube. Scariest Halloween Video Ever on YouTube This first one is the terrible two from 18 months ago in possibly the Scariest Halloween video ever.

How to get jump links showing in Google

How to get jump links showing in Google V1 SEO Jump Link tips used for displaying Jump Links in the SERPs Jump links or jump to links have been appearing in the Google results pages for some time now, these jump link tips shows you how to obtain them in your results. Contents What are […]

Google Profiles Optimization

Google Profiles Optimization Great tips on improving your google profile The importance of having a good Google Profile should not be underestimated, this knol provides information on setting up a Google Profile and tips on how to enhance it. Contents Instructions for setting up a basic Google Profile Enhance your Google Profile Further enhance and […]

The Lost Art of Link Building

Good link building has always been an important factor of SEO but what defines Good link building? When I 1st stated SEO back in 2001/ 2002 I heard a phrase that has always remained with me. The best links are the links that are the hardest to obtain This thought still remains with me when […]

How to Display Your Profile Picture in Google Search Results

For some time now Google has been displaying profile pictures of certain authors in the search results it returns. I have had this happen to me for some time now and have decided to provide my tips on how you can have your profile picture displayed in Google search results.  First you need to ensure […]

V1 SEO Definition of Google+

Definition of Google+ A place where people post a snippet from an interesting article they have copied from somewhere in the hope that someone else higher up the popularity chain will copy their copy of the post about the original article in the hope someone else higher up the popularity chain will post about their […]

Are you a Pantless Weasel Too ?

SEO Weasel to the rescue. Are you a Pantless Weasel or just an accomplice? Take the V1 SEO training course and you too could become a fully fledged pantless weasel

vCita Google Acquisition ?

Having had a good look around vCita I will be amazed if it isn’t another in a long list of Google acquisitions as it is such a great little tool. It seems a natural progression to Google Hangouts and the perfect way to integrate Hangouts, Google+ Business Pages and business websites. A lot of small […]

Google Shoots the Messenger Over Microdata Abuse

Anyone reading the V1 SEO blog recently will know I have been running my own personal campaign about microdata abuse and the Google review stars that show in the Google results – Google reviews stars in Google results Manipulation Exposed I’ve been hoping that someone from Google would read my posts on the topic and […]

Improve your Citations Improve your Google Places Listing

It has long been believed that Google use citations from other websites and sources as a marker for Google Places listings. V1 SEO have spoken before about using Using Microdata for SEO and Using Rich Snippets and to improve local search. Today we talk about the importance of citations for improving Google Places listings. Google […]

Google Gold Stars Manipulation

V1 SEO have recently been demonstrating just how easy it is to manipulate the way Google displays Gold stars next to listings in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) Since starting our little experiment we have noticed other companies replicating our little experiment and predict it is just a matter of time before all 10 […]

Online Word of Mouth Marketing

Rather than the face to face word of mouth with friends and acquaintances the importance of Online Word of Mouth is growing and growing. Source: Google Word of Mouth –

Shipston-on-Stour Business Directory

We set up a new Shipston-on-Stour Business Directory over the weekend which allows all small businesses within a 10 mile radius of Shipston to list their business name, address, contact details and a brief description of the services they provide. It’s all completely free and just a simple 5 minute process to add business details. […]

Local SEO Services Warwickshire

Someone asked me the other day why I included Shipston and Warwickshire in the title of the homepage on VI SEO They said don’t you think it narrows down my potential client base as anyone outside the area won’t use my SEO services. Bingo! I said, that’s exactly the reason I do it! I prefer to […]

Can Robert Scoble do for Google Plus what Stephen Fry did for Twitter

Ask anyone to name 5 people connected with Twitter and the chances are a high % will have Stephen Fry in their list. Ask anyone to name 5 people connected with Google Plus and the chances are a high % will have Robert Scoble (scobleizer) in their list. Interestingly Robert has recently been tweeting that he is spending […]

Google+ Pages Tips for Business

Since allowing people to add Google+ Pages to their listings in UK Small Business Directory and add their business to our Google+ Directory the one thing that really stands out for us is just how few people know how to set up Google+ Pages for Business properly. The most common problems we see when people […]

How to set up a Google+ Business Page and optimise it for best results

Since allowing people to add Google+ Pages to their listings in UK Small Business Directory and add their business to our Google+ Directory the one thing that really stands out for us is just how few people know how to set up Google+ Pages for Business properly. The most common problems we see when people set up Google+ […]

SEO Company Shipston on Stour Warwickshire

If there is one thing that really anoys me it is when SEO Companies optimise to appear high when people search by location even though they are no where near the location searched for. A lot of small business owners like a more hands on SEO service and the reason they are searching for SEO […]

SEO Company in Warwickshire

A little SEO tip for all location based businesses, especially local service providers, is to ensure you have your full postal address on your homepage. For instance if you are an SEO Company in Warwickshire make sure you have your full address on your homepage ensuring you also include Warwickshire. Not only is this reassuring […]

Small Business and Google+ Help setting up a google+ business page

The UK Small Business Directory has been allowing new business that register in the directory to include links to their facebook page, Twitter page and Google+ page. A quick test on the last 170 businesses to register reveals Google+ is lagging considerably behind for UK small business owners. Latest figures from the last 170 sign […]

What is the USG parameter and N parameter in Google+

The following are examples of how the links are when clicked on in a Google+ page or post. (using IE) they should both work fine and redirect straight to the pages (when using IE) Change either the N parameter or the USG parameter and you get taken to a Google page telling you […]

Google+ Tips Optimising your profile recommended links

This is just one in a series of Google+ Tips provided by V1 SEO The importance of the order of recommended links in your Google+ Profile How you order your recommended links in your about us page in your Google Profile effects other Google features, as can be seen when you look at the V1 SEO […]

Google Profile Hovercards

Google Hovercards V1 SEO SEO Services UK Small Business Directory Terry Simmonds Google+ Tips and Advice Change the number at the end of the URL to your Google+ number to see your Google Hovercard  

Change for a dollar short film Reddit Story panhandling girl with baby

For those wo haven’t seen Change for a dollar yet I recommend you go and watch it now – The reason for this post though is after watching Change for a dollar it reminded me of a truly heartwarming story I read on reddit about a young girl panhandling in a shop doorway carrying a […]

Google using teracent personalized ads without giving a message or opt out

I got followed around by a personalized ad today similar to Criteo, Struq, AdSense etc. but unlike the others this didn’t have the little message explaining what it was, and providing an opt out. I dug a little deeper and discovered it was delivered by who Google aquired in 2009 Are Google going to start […]

Is Google Using Pearson Correlation Coefficient as a Ranking Factor

Following on from last weeks post about the Google delegated authority evaluation system and primary authority and contributing authorities This weeks post is about Pearson Correlation Coefficient (r) I spoke last week about how primary authorities can pass on an evaluation score between -1 and +1 is it any coincidence that Correlation coefficients range from […]

Soundproof Microphone Talk to pc or mobile device without being heard

Following on from my post about what is going be big in 2012 and by prediction that Voice Recognition Software will be big in 2012 my latest, some may say wacky, prediction is Soundproof Microphones, Soundproof Microphone Boxes or Soundproof Microphone Chambers. With Google filing patents for Voice Search and promoting Google Hangouts. Mobile devices becoming more and more popular, […]

What will happen when marketers stop buying marketing from marketers

As social networking and social marketing continues to grow it amazes me that what seems to be the number one use of social networking is marketers selling marketing ideas to other marketers and talking other people in to using their marketing services. Social networking has all the hallmarks of the Emperors New Clothes and the […]

Will Google+ Hangouts boost the sales of webcams

Google seem to be really pushing the Hangouts feature of Google+ at the moment and even have a Google voice and video plugin. What happens if you haven’t got a webcam or only have a very poor quality webcam though? As Google Hangouts gains more popularity and with Google implementing voice search in to the results […]

Engaging Google+ Pages

This is a follow up post providing tips on Google+ Pages You may find it beneficial to read posts in this order if you have not read them already; Best ways of using Google+ for business or SEO Tips on Setting up a Google+ Page for Business and SEO Using a Google+ Page for Business […]

Using a Google+ Page for Business and SEO

This is a follow on page from – Tips on Setting up a Google+ Page for Business and SEO If you haven’t already read that page may I suggest you do so 1st. Before carrying on I just need to mention Google+ is changing and having new features added to it all the time, these Google+ […]

Tips on Setting up a Google+ Page for Business and SEO

I’ve previously hinted at how to set up Google+ Pages in a post called How to set up a Google+ Business Page and optimise it for best results This post will expand on that further and provide my tips on Setting up a Google+ Page for Business. First things first, what are you going to use Google+ […]

Best ways of using Google+ for business or SEO

Now that Google+ Pages for business have been with us for a while it would be interesting to here the best ways of using Google+ for business purposes. If you are using Google+ for business we would be interested in hearing how you are using it, what benefits you are getting and seeing a demonstration […]

Using the Google+ activity feed to display products on websites

Whilst playing around with the V1 SEO Google+ Widget I suddenly had one of those eureka moments. Could I use the Google+ activity feed to display products on a little static website? I quickly set up a new Google+ Product Page, added my top 10 products to it, then adapted the V1 SEO Google+ Widget accordingly. […]

Google+ Widget Checker

V1 SEO have created a quick little Google+ Widget Checker so you can see how a Google+ Feed Widget would look on your website using the feed from your Google+ Page. All you have to do is add your Google+ ID number and submit to check your widget Further information here – Google+ Widget Checker […]

Google Rank Checker Tool : Check your rankings on Google

If you want to know where you appear in the the top 100 of Google for a specific keyword just follow the Google Rank Checker Tool instructions below. Go to and underneath the Google logo you will find an input box with 2 buttons below it (Google Search and I’m feeling lucky) for clarity’s […]

New SEO Tips Post The Google Panda Update 2011

I’ve previously posted my favourite SEO Tips for on-page optimisation and also my Top 10 SEO Tips when starting a new website, but thought it was about time for a little refresh. Rather than just updating the existing pages I have decided to create this New SEO Tips section which provides SEO Tips following the Google Panda […]

Is Google+ a Failure Outside of Technology Circles

I have been running some little traffic generating projects this week by targeting phrases related to the Christmas Adverts that most big brands have now released. Soon in to my little experiment something glaringly obvious hit me. First have a look at these 6 pages; Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert 2011 Argos Christmas Advert 2011 Slow Moving Milly […]

The Heating Engineer Who Came In From The Cold

Some tradesmen moan about the costs of advertising in the paper directories – but still do it. Some tradesmen moan about the pressure to list in trade directories – but still do it. Some tradesmen say social networking is a complete waste of time and effort – And spend hours chatting to their mates on […]

What came first the V1 SEO number plate or the website?

Someone asked me the other day about my V1 SEO number plate, so I explained to them it was just an advertising gimmick for my website They then asked which came first the number plate or the website? To be honest it was a bit of both, I was getting a new car and […]

Google+ Pages For Business Now Live

Google Plus  for Business is now live. Just in the process of setting one up for V1 SEO now And here’s the new Google+ button for business on Google+   For those wanting to know how to create your Google+ business page visit here and sign in to your Google+ account, alternatively, […]