Bridge farm wetland development causes flooding in Ambridge

It is being reported that the irresponsible development of wetlands at Bridge Farm are to blame for the recent flooding in Ambridge that resulted in crayfish being washed up on the lawn of The Bull.

Environmental experts say the unexpected rise in water levels was probably due to the large amount of ice cream and yogurt which appears have been tipped down the public sewer and eventually ending up at Bridge Farm wetland development.

When asked for a comment Tony Archer is reported to have said,

“I haven’t got time for all this nonsense I’ve got to put my King Edwards through the flailer”

This is just another of the recent mishaps that appears to have hit Bridge Farm.

If it isn’t bad enough with the dairy having an E. Coli outbreak, Tom Archers sausages poisoning cats, they now have local marketing expert Our Bren, offering to write articles for them to help with the Bridge Farm SEO.

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