The Archers Bridge Farm to use SEO Company for Search Engine Optimisation and Reputation Management Ambridge

As an avid Archers fan I was pleased to hear a storyline with Brenda and Tom discussing bringing in an SEO company to do reputation management and search engine optimisation for Bridge Farm Ambridge.

Bridge Farm has recently been the subject of an E. Coli outbreak where their organic ice cream was contaminated when Clarrie Grundy returned to work too early after having a tummy bug.

Ice cream was supplied to a local village fete / gymkhana and a number of people came down with tummy bugs including 3 young children who were in a serious condition.

So where does Search Engine Optimisation come in to the Archers Bridge Farm story line?

Bridge Farm isn’t just the name of the Ambridge farm it is also the brand of the products, i.e, Bridge Farm ice cream, Bridge Farm yoghurt’s, cream etc.

Tom Archer also produces his own sausages which despite not being related to the dairy was also getting tarnished by the bad name Bridge Farm had gained.

The storyline continued with Tom cold calling local businesses to drum up more business only to be slammed by a customer who had Googled Bridge Farm and read all about the E. Coli contamination.

This gets Brenda and Tom using Google to search for Bridge Farm on Google and reading all the bad press.

The story goes on with Brenda saying they should update the Bridge Farm website, put some good stories on and bring in a Search Engine Optimisation company to help with reputation management of Bridge Farm, create positive stories to push the negative stories of the Google front page when people search for Bridge Farm, Bridge Farm Dairy, Ambridge, Bridge Farm Ice Cream, Tom Archers Sausages, etc.

Brenda asks Pip to link to all the new articles they are putting on the new Bridge Farm website and recommend the site to all her friends, she is constantly tweaking the site to get it to appear higher in Google.

One funny line was Tom saying he and Brenda are constantly visiting the website to get the hits up, thinking this would miraculously rank them higher :)

Next thing she will be saying they need to add keywords in the meta keywords and put hidden text on the page.

Brenda also wanted to set up a facebook page Friends of Organic Ambridge and Tom is using his Twitter account to tweet about Bridge Farm.

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