ASOS Google+ Page Review

Date reviewed: 08/04/2012

ASOS Google+ Page stats on 08/04/2012

In ASOS’s circles  – 3770

Have ASOS in circles – 39510

Number of photo albums – 5

Number of photos (excluding photos from posts) – 22

Number of videos – 0

What the ASOS Google+ about page said on 08/04/2012

“This is the official ASOS Google+ Page. Come and hang out with us: join the fashion conversation.”

V1 SEO review of the ASOS Google+ Page on 08/04/2012

The ASOS Google+ Page is a nice, frequently updated, image rich example of a Google+ Page, unfortunately though, the animated header graphic is a little distracting and the main logo is not that attractive either.

The snippets in their stream are just the right length and quality but the ASOS interactions are very poor with very few replies from ASOS to comments and far to many posts with comments disabled.

Although there are numerous images in posts, the image galleries are poor and surprisingly not one video.

I would say the ASOS Google+ Page is slightly above average, but below expectations for a brand that made it’s name on the Internet.

I will give it a rating of 6, mainly due to the images in posts and the frequency they add posts to their stream, I really would like to see a better image gallery though, a few videos and far more interaction with people who comment.

ASOS Google+ Page –

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