Aston Villa Sack McLeish Relegation for Villa


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Aston Villa Sack McLeish

OK, it’s a dream headline 2nd only to Aston Villa Relegated but could both become a reality?

Unfortunately, Villa have a better goal difference than those around them, but a bloody good thrapping from Sunderland next week and a good win for Bolton and the dream combination of Villa relegated, Blues promoted and McLeish sacked looks even closer.

This dream could all be shattered by a Villa win against Sunderland or by QPR and Wigan both losing, but the perfect storm on 21st April 2012 is;

QPR beating Spurs

Wigan beating Fulham (after beating Arsenal mid week)

Bolton beating Swansea

Villa losing to Sunderland

This perfect Saturday would then set up the midweek Villa v Bolton game which if Villa lose would leave them just one point above the drop with 2 games to go.

A good thrashing by the Baggies a week later and we will all think we are in heaven and will be praying for a Spurs win on the last day of the season.

Let’s just hope QPR, Wigan and Bolton are reading the script and play their respective parts

Update 16/04/2012 – The Aston Villa Relegation Dream Continues

Wigan added another piece to the Villa relegation puzzle with a nerve-raking 2 1 victory over Arsenal at the Emirates to help keep the dream alive.

Are you reading Villa fans? It’s destiny I tell you, Destiny.

Update 17/04/2012 – The Blues move to within 1 point of the play offs

Birmingham City edged closer to the playoffs with a 1 – 1 draw at Ipswich, bringing the praospect of the cross-over ever closer.

Update 19/04/2012 – New Aston Villa Kit leaked

We are hearing that a new Aston Villa shirt featuring the nPower Championship logo has been created in preperation for Ason Villa being relegated to the Championship.

Asked whether a new version with Premier League logos was being created on the off chance that Villa don’t get relegated, we were greeted by lots of laughing – See the 2012 – 2013 leaked Villa Kit and Aston Villa shirt

Update 21/04/2012 Not a good day but the dream lives on

Well the perfect Saturday didn’t happen as Villa managed to scramble a lucky draw, Wigan lost and Bolton drew.

Blackburn had a nice win to bring them within 5 points of Villa and QPR play later this afternoon

Unfortunately, it’s now looking as though no matter how bad Villa are, the fact those below them aren’t winning is going to be Villa’s saviour.

We can still hope for Bolton winning at Villa Park on Tuesday, but any other result and the dream looks over for another year.

Update 24/04/2012 21:06 – Villa v Bolton

The dream continues 2 goals in 2 minutes for Bolton to go in to a 2 – 1 lead

Update 24/04/2012 21:33 – Villa v Bolton

4 Minutes of extra time, come on Bolton Please hold on

Throw in to Bolton deep in Villa half

Final Whistle Villa 1 – 2 Bolton – It’s destiny I tell you (Please, please don’t let Villa survive on goal difference though)

Update 25/04/2012 18:50

Villa Chief Executive Paul Faulkener and Chairman Randy Lerner give Alex McLeish continued support :),,10265~2749103,00.html

Update 28/04/2012 15:18

Wigan 2 up against Newcastle and level on points with Villa

Update 28/04/2012 15:26

Bolton go 1 up to draw within a point of Villa – Come on you Baggies!

Are you watching Phil McNulty

Update 28/04/2012 15:31

It’s all West Brom at the Hawthorns still only 0 - 0 though

Update 28/04/2012 15:37

Wigan go 3 up against Newcastle, but Sunderland draw level with Bolton

Update 28/04/2012 15:43

Wigan have moved to within a 9 goal difference of Villa, a couple more for Wigan today and 2 or 3 for the Baggies and the GD starts to look exciting.

Update 28/04/2012 15:50

Wigan 4 – 0 Newcastle down to 8 goal difference against the Villa

Update 28/04/2012 15:54

3 goals in Everton game, 2 goals in Stoke game, 2 goals in the Bolton game, 6 goals in the Swansea game, 4 goals in the Wigan game and 0 goals at the Villa game

Boring Villa,  Boring Villa,  Boring Villa…

Update 28/04/2012 16:14

Sunderland come from 1 down to take a 2 1 lead against Bolton.

Update 28/04/2012 16:25

Bolton pull back level with Sunderland 2 – 2

Update 28/04/2012 16:34

West Brom dominating Villa at the Hawthorns, but still 0 – 0

Update 28/04/2012 16:52

Final score at the Hawthorns West Brom 0 – 0 Aston Villa

Final score Sunderland 2 – 2 Bolton

Another boring 0 – 0 draw for Villa meaning if QPR and Bolton win their games in hand Villa will be within goal difference of relegation.

With Villa not looking like being able to get a win the dream is coming closer to reality

Update 29/04/2012 16:32

It looks like the dream is over for another year :(

QPR lose 6 – 1 at Chelsea and now look like they won’t catch Villa

Blackburn are losing 1 – 0 to Spurs which if it stays like that can’t catch Villa

It really is looking like 2 from Blackburn, Bolton and QPR now :(

We can still hope, but I honestly think the dream is over now.

Update 02/05/2012 12:51

The dream looks over :( Bolton lose at Spurs and it now looks like straight battle between them and QPR to join Blckburn and Wolves in relegation.

There is still a slim hope, but now very unlikely that Villa will get relegated.

The Dream is Over

If Blackburn win their last 2 games they finish on 37 points

With Bolton only drawing against West Brom the maximum points they can get is 38, but they currently have  a -31 GD

If Villa lose their last game they will finish on 38 points but have -14 GD

Villa are Safe :(


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