Bad SEO Terminology and Definitions

SEO Agency: [ s e o ey-juhn-see]

10% SEO Geeks – 90% Smooth talking salesmen.

SEO Guarantee: [ s e o gar-uhn-tee]

Don’t achieve the results you were promised after spending £2,000 and you won’t have to pay a penny more

White Hat SEO: [wahyt hat s e o]

Outsources all the naughty stuff to the Philippines without leaving a trail back to them.

Keyword Research: [kee-wurd ree-surch]

Create a list of keywords related to clients products/services, find the ones easy to rank top 3 for, tell the client these are the best keywords to target (irrespective of whether they generate traffic)

Hidden Directory: [hid-n dih-rek-tuh-ree]

A directory placed on your website providing links to websites owned by your SEO company, or other clients they are taking advantage of working for. You will be told this is crucial to your success if you stumble across it.

More coming soon….

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