Cadbury UK Google+ Page Review

Date reviewed: 12/05/2012

Cadbury UK Google+ Page stats on 12/05/2012

In Cadbury UK circles  – 1,435

Have Cadbury UK in circles – 1,153,180

Number of photo albums – 5

Number of photos (excluding photos from posts) – 55+

Number of videos – 0 (set with no video tab)

What the Cadbury UK Google+ about page said on 12/05/2012

“Cadbury, a brand of chocolate bars that’s known and loved around the World. This page is run out of the UK and we’ll be sharing the best chocolatey news plus some snippets of the games we get up to as we play our way to London 2012. Hopefully we’ll provide a glass and a half of joy to your stream.

Add us to your Circles today! – If you’re interested in joining our special Tasters Circle click the image on the top right of the page (desktop version) and add a comment.

We encourage everyone to respect the collaborative spirit and tone of the conversation.

Remember we’re a team, so show each other some respect. Sexist,  racist or homophobic comments will not be tolerated. Swearing,  defamation, bullying and any discussion or content featuring illegal  activity is not allowed and you may be banned from seeing our Page completely.”

V1 SEO review of the Cadbury UK Google+ Page on 12/05/2012

Our rating: 9

One of the best Google+ Pages we have seen to date, great photos, great posts, great interaction, great hangouts, great videos in posts, lots of followers. Let down slightly by having no separate videos and the lack of replies to comments.

Great Google+ Page

Cadbury UK Google+ Page:

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