Can Robert Scoble do for Google Plus what Stephen Fry did for Twitter

Ask anyone to name 5 people connected with Twitter and the chances are a high % will have Stephen Fry in their list.

Ask anyone to name 5 people connected with Google Plus and the chances are a high % will have Robert Scoble (scobleizer) in their list.

Interestingly Robert has recently been tweeting that he is spending less time on Twitter as engagement is going down, and is now spending more time on Google+

Other Robert Scoble tweets says

“follow the circle I just shared. It’s better than Twitter”

“Twitter just isn’t a good place for conversations see ya at ”

Now Robert Scoble could hardly be described as being as mainstream as Stephen Fry (certainly not here in the UK), but ask anyone techie or in the Internet industry to name a few influential people/bloggers and chances are Scobleizer will get a mention.

Could the influence of Robert Scoble (and especially his Tweets) pull more people across from Twitter to Google Plus and could he do for Google Plus what Stephen Fry did for Twitter?

Robert Scoble Scobleizer


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