Car Leasing Companies I want a good leasing deal on a Polo GTi

My Polo SE is coming up to 12 months old this month and I’m thinking of swapping it in for a Polo GTi

As I’ll probably replace the next one within 12 – 18 months too I’m thinking of getting the Polo GTi on a short term lease and rather than shopping around for the best Polo GTi leasing deal thought I would throw this post up to see just how observant small car leasing companies are and see if any read this and can do me a good deal.

Ideally I want a 5 door in white, on a maximum 24 month deal (preferably 12), I don’t need a service plan or any extras as I only do about 8,000 miles a year.

I’ll want to transfer my V1 SEO plate on to it and if you know anyone who wants a 12 month old 5 door, 1.4 SE in Flash red that would be a bonus.

To sum up:

I’m in Warwickshire and are after a short term lease on a VW Polo GTi, With 5 doors, preferably White.

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