Did Morrissey Make Channel 4 Pull the Gordon Ramsay John Lewis Christmas Advert Spoof

Update 10/07/2013

Looks Like I was right.
Morrissey has just won a court case against Gordon Ramsay for using his song in the advert and donated his award to PETA


As Gordon Ramsay would say

What the F**** going on with the Gordon Ramsay Spoof video ?

1st Channel 4 load it to their own official youtube channel – then they take it down again.

2nd Channel 4 have it on their own website – then they take it down again.

Just what are they going to do next ?

I was so excited I nearly choked on my custard….

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Update 16th December

A message on youtube where the original Gordon Ramsay Spoof John Lewis advert was 1st showing now has a message saying taken down due to copyright claim from Warner Chappell

Warner Chappell acquired The Smiths back catalogue in 1992

So it looks like it was due to the music track why it was pulled.

I recently embedded the Gordon Ramsay John Lewis Christmas Advert Spoof from the official channel 4 YouTube channel on this page – John Lewis Christmas Advert Gordon Ramsay Spoof

Update 1/12/2011 19:30

It’s not on YouTube anymore, but Channel 4 now have the trailer on their site – Gordon’s Christmas Cookalong LIVE trail

Update 11/12/11 20:00

Ah well – Looks like they have removed it again, wish they would make their minds up :(

All was working fine, it was getting lots of viewings, a few comments on YouTube, now all of a sudden Channel 4 have taken the Gordon Ramsay advert down and also blocked it where other people had made copies.

I haven’t heard any reason why Channel4 have pulled the I advert so can only speculate;

Did John Lewis object to Channel 4 using their concept in the Gordon Ramsay John Lewis spoof advert ?

Did Slow Moving Millie complain about her version of Please,Please, Please being used in the ad ?

Did Morrissey object to Channel 4 using Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want ?

Did Channel 4 pull the advert because their is a change in schedule for Gordon’s Christmas Cookalong Live ?

Are Channel 4 doing a new X Rated version for after the watershed with the little boy saying Bollocks or using the F Word ?

Any other reason?

I would love to know why the Gordon Ramsay spoof advert was removed from YouTube, if anyone knows anything please comment below.

Somehow I don’t think Morrissey would approve of his work being used to promote a Gordon Ramsay program featuring him preparing a Christmas turkey, pigs in blankets and all the trimmings :)


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