Debenhams Google+ Page Review

Date reviewed: 08/04/2012

Debenhams Google+ Page stats on 08/04/2012

In Debenhams’s circles  – 1

Have Debenhams in circles – 91

Number of photo albums – 1

Number of photos (excluding photos from posts) – 2

Number of videos – 0

What the Debenhams Google+ about page said on 08/04/2012

“Debenhams is a leading department store with over 167 stores including 10 Desire by Debenhams stores, across the UK and Ireland. In addition Debenhams has 48 international franchise stores in 17 countries outside the UK and Ireland.

Debenhams has an extensive range of fantastic brands including Designers at Debenhams, selling a range of exclusive and stylish products designed by internationally renowned fashion designers at mainstream prices – such as J by Jasper Conran and Star by Julien MacDonald.”

V1 SEO review of the Debenhams Google+ Page on 08/04/2012

Well, what can I say?

I suppose the 7 posts Debenhams have in their stream are reasonably nice and 4 have good images in them, none of the posts have comments enabled though and there is no sign at all of engagement or interaction.

They have no image galleries, no videos, all in all it looks as though it has just been set up then forgotten.

With so few posts and so little interaction I can’t review the Debenhams Google+ Page at this moment in time, so will reserve judgement and check again in another month.

Debenhams Google+ Page –

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