Google Plus failure to engage UK Small Business Owners

This post will probably get the Google Plus fanbois ranting and saying Google Plus isn’t devised to be used by business, to which my reply is why on earth is there Google Plus Pages for business then?

Since the start of 2012 V1 SEO and the UK Small Business Directory have been running a little experiment to see just how many UK small businesses add a link to the top 3 social networking channels; Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Basically what we did was add 3 boxes to the UK Small Business Directory registration page and giving  small business the option of adding links to their Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Pages.

We have been recording the results every week here – Business Usage Comparison

As we enter the 11th week we decided to look back at these stats and also look at the Google Plus pages of the small businesses who registered them with us.

To be honest the stats are quite shocking and show;

Facebook: 27.6% sign up rate

Twitter: 24.8% sign up rate

Googe+ 5.6% sign up rate

Not only are these results very poor for Google Plus it gets a lot worse when we look deeper in to the stats of those who added a Google Plus link with their listing.

To gauge how businesses who add a link to their Google+ Page engage with Google Plus we set up a special here as a Google Plus Directory

Clicking in the left hand side column of the Google Plus Directory takes you through to a special Google+ Widget that shows the activity and engagement of the small business owner with Google Plus.

What is really shocking about this is how many of the small businesses may have created Google Plus business pages but they certainly are not using them.

A quick flick through the left hand column shows an extraordinary amount of inactivity, Google may claim to be the fastest growing social network, but if our results are anything to be based on, a very low percentage of those who created a Google Plus Page are actually active or engaging with Google+

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