How to get your Profile Image in Google Results

I’ve posted before about How to Display Your Profile Picture in Google Search Results but as Google is ever changing their microdata, rich snippets and authorship info, I thought an update was needed.

The basics of Google authorship and profile images in Google results stays the same.

  • Ensure you link your Google+ Profile to your websites that you want to be seen as author of using the correct tags.
  • Ensure you link back to your Google+ Profile using the correct tags

Doing that correctly will show your profile in the Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool but to get your profile image showing in Google results you need to give Google a reason to show it.

  • Ensure you have a well set up Google+ Profile page
  • Use a clear head shot photo of yourself for your profile picture
  • Add links to your other profiles in the relevant section of Google Profile
  • Add links to sites you contribute to in relevant section of your Google Profile
  • Play an active part in Google+ and engage with other users
  • Play an active part in other Google services whilst signed in to your Google account
  • Create an author page on your main site
  • Display your profile image, description, contact details on your own site and link this author page to your Google Profile page and vice versa
  • Link any articles you write back to your author page.

With all of this done, test your pages using the Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool

When done correctly you may even find you start seeing not only your image in the google results but also More by Author next to your name which links through to your own dedicated search page on Google.

More by person showing in Google results

screenshot of me in Google

Clicking on the More by Terry Simmonds link bought up a great Google page showing my Google+ hovercard, a link to my Google+ Profile and other posts I have been making about using microdata for SEO.

screenshot of Terry Simmonds Google Page



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