I got called a spammer today

It feels like 2004 all other again.

I’ve been helping someone out with some schema coding for the past few days and this morning they told me to go and have a look on a forum that they are a senior member of and comment on what I thought.

I went and had a look at the forum (one that I have previously been a member of many years ago), signed up again, made a post and told them about the experiment I ran about Too many anchor text links a few weeks ago.

I called back in a few hours later to find somebody calling me a spammer just for posting about my experiment!

It’s not even as though I posted a link, all I said was search for “Too many links with same anchor” to read my findings from my experiment.

Pretty sad really, the guy calling me a spammer was a senior member there (maybe even founder member or owner) it reminded me of just one of the reasons why I don’t do SEO for anyone else anymore, the pettiness, cynicism and plain nastiness of people in the industry just isn’t worth the hassle.

Will I give the forum more of a chance? probably, I’ll lurk around a bit longer and try and gauge whether it’s a friendly place or whether this poster is just one of many with that sort of attitude.

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