Improve your Citations Improve your Google Places Listing

It has long been believed that Google use citations from other websites and sources as a marker for Google Places listings.

V1 SEO have spoken before about using Using Microdata for SEO and Using Rich Snippets and to improve local search.

Today we talk about the importance of citations for improving Google Places listings.

Google Places listings are now firmly connected to websites so it is important that your address is not only clearly displayed on your website but also in other sources where your website or business is mentioned.

Something to look out for when listed on other sites is are they displaying your address correctly and better still are they displaying it in Microdata mark up which will help your Google Places listing as well as your own website?

Individual listings in UK Small Business Directory display your full address including Street, Town, County and Postcode Demonstration here – Warwickshire Drives and Gardens and more importantly list the addess in microdata format as seen by testing in the Google rich snippets testing tool

Improve your Citations and Google Places Listings

It is Free to register in the UK Small Business Directory provided you are UK based and provide services or products to the UK market.

To register simply fill the form in here – Submit Free Business Listing

image showing example of address in Microdata format
using microdata to improve citations

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