Is Google using Traffic Data as a ranking factor Traffic Rating

I made a couple of blog posts last year predicting that Google may start using Traffic Data (data they aquire via people clicking on results in the Google results pages) as a ranking factor.

Is Traffic Baiting The New Link Baiting

Is Traffic Rating Important for SEO

My theory was that Google would lower the importance of how many back-links a page has and start using reliable, trusted, traffic as a measure of a pages value.

Basically, I though Google could Analyse the traffic and clickthroughs their results pages receive and use this data to determine which pages were delivering the higher quality content.

It may all sound a bit advanced (even for Google), but could there be an inkling of truth in my theory, and could the recent changes in the the relevance of backlinks be a small indication in a shift towards using traffic data as a ranking factor?

Let me know what you think.

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