John Lewis Google+ Page Review

Date reviewed: 08/04/2012

John Lewis Google+ Page stats on 08/04/2012

In John Lewis’s circles  – Unknown

Have John Lewis in circles – 139

Number of photo albums – 20

Number of photos (excluding photos from posts) – 100

Number of videos – 0

What the John Lewis Google+ about page said on 08/04/2012

“A leading British retailer, John Lewis began in 1864 with the opening of our first shop in London’s Oxford Street. Our offering now spans across 36 shops and through our growing online business

John Lewis has created this Google+ page just for you. We’ll keep you updated on what we’re up to and our expert Partners are never far away if you have a question or need a bit of inspiration.”

V1 SEO review of the John Lewis Google+ Page on 08/04/2012

The John Lewis Google+ Page is a lovely looking page although slightly hard to judge as it currently has an Easter theme to it.

The main header image and logo are very pleasant and there are a wealth of quality images both in their posts and in their galleries, surprisingly their is no video, how the company that brings us such quality Christmas videos each year can’t find it in themselves to add a video to Google+ is beyond me.

Where the John Lewis Google+ Page sadly lacks is in the engagement and interaction side, which is not helped by the fact they have an incredibly small following for a brand like John Lewis.

The lack of followers could be due to them relying too much on images and not providing enough information, could be due to John Lewis themselves not interacting enough with Google+  or could (as I suspect) be a combination of both)

To sum up I will give the John Lewis Google+ Page a slightly higher review average of 6 due to the quality of images used and the fact they post at least a couple of times a week, I really would like to see more write up in their posts though, more frequent posts, at least one nice video every few months and more promotion of their own Google+ Page

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