Littlewoods Christmas Advert 2012

Update: 29/11/2012 I have now started compiling my list of Top 10 Christmas Adverts 2012 please come along and make your suggestions and post your comments.

I hear that the Littlewoods 2012 Christmas Advert will be released on 1st November so now could be the time I start compiling my top 10 Chistmas Adverts 2012

I did this last year Top 10 Christmas Adverts of 2011 and unfortunately the Littlewoods Christmas Advert came bottom and attracted more negative comments than any other Christmas Ad I have ever reviewed –

Littlewoods Christmas Advert 2012

Well it’s not as bad as last years Littlewoods Christmas, ad but still pretty naff, what do you think?

Judging by the teaser for the 2012 Littlewoods Christmas Advert they have dumped the chav approach with the cheesy cast and are banking on Myleene Klass giving it more of an M&S look.

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