Next Google+ Page Review

Date reviewed: 09/04/2012

Next Google+ Page stats on 09/04/2012

In Next’s circles  – Unknown

Have Next in circles – 157

Number of photo albums – 3

Number of photos (excluding photos from posts) – 64

Number of videos – 0

What the Next Google+ about page said on 09/04/2012

“Classic-contemporary fashion for men, women and children . . . plus stylish furniture and homewares.”

V1 SEO review of the Next Google+ Page on 09/04/2012

The Next Google+ Page is one of the better of the UK online retailers pages with a range of nice images, nice posts in their stream and nice interaction on their newer posts.

Where the Next Google+ Page is let down slightly is the lack of promotion (only 157 people in their circles), the lack of any videos, and the lack of interaction to earlier posts (this seems to have improved with newer posts as comments are now switched on for all)

To sum up I will give the Next Google+ Page a high average of 7 due to the more recent posts and interaction, if this improvement continues this rating may well be raised in the coming months.

Next Google+ Page –

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