Tips on Setting up a Google+ Page for Business and SEO

I’ve previously hinted at how to set up Google+ Pages in a post called How to set up a Google+ Business Page and optimise it for best results This post will expand on that further and provide my tips on Setting up a Google+ Page for Business.

First things first, what are you going to use Google+ to create?

With these initial tips we will assume you are creating a Google+ Page for your business and will assume you are using a Google account with your own Google+ Profile already well optimised as touched on in a post I made before the launch of Google+ How to improve your Google Profile

Assuming your Google+ Profile is well set up, you are signed in to it, and you are setting up a Google+ Page for a local based business which has a good Google Places listing.

The 1st important SEO tip is when setting up your Google+ Page is to use the locate facility to tie together your Google+ Page and your Google Places listing.

Follow the instructions ensuring you set up your business exactly how it appears offline, use the correct name, address, phone number, email address etc.

With your Google+ Page set up now is the time to enhance it.

Before going any further though, one very important point, Your Google+ Profile and your Google+ Page are 2 separate entities, always remember this and be aware of which you are using.

OK, you have created your page, assuming you are still using your Google+ Profile if you go to your homepage you will now see a small drop down arrow and the word Page next to your main profile picture. This controls your switching from using Google+ as your Page or Profile.

Click this arrow and then on the name of the page you have just created (if the arrow and name is not there yet, you may need to refresh or even log out and log back in again) and you are taken to your page.

ALWAYS check top left of the Google+ toolbar to see who you are signed in as.

Confident that you are signed in as your page, you can now enhance it.

Click on your profile tab and you will see an edit profile option, follow all instructions carefully paying particular attention that you ensure all settings are set to display to Anyone on the Web  (unless you prefer not to).

Add a nice profile picture and 5 nice images to display along the top, there are some clever tools available which you can use to create these images, but we will look at that another time. Make a nice About section, including your phone number, web address and email address (this may need verifying)

Add your recommended links to the right of the page, being sure to include websites that you want to claim authorship of or as the publisher of. (we will touch on this later)

Make all your circles on the left sidebar available to all on the web (you can change this anytime.

Hide your videos tab (unless you have videos to add)

Make all photos public, downloadable and showing geo-location  (can be changed anytime)

Add tag line under title and again double check you have set to Anyone on the Web.

After you have finished and saved use the setting View as Anyone on the Web to see how other people will see it.

With your Page set now go back to your homepage (check top left of toolbar to ensure you are still using Google+ as your Page not Profile).

Continues here – Using a Google+ Page for Business and SEO

Setting up a Google+ Page for business



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