Tips when posting to Google+ Stream

This is a follow up post providing tips on Google+ Pages

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Before continuing you need to ask yourself what are your main reasons for posting on Google+ (more about this at a later date, I’m sure you can work this out) ?

Just before making your post in the Google+ stream you can highlight key points with ** and hash-tag the main word it is related to

i.e. if you are writing about SEO you could use this format

*Top 10 SEO Tips*

These are the top tips every #seo should be using….

The ** makes the words bold, the # tags the word and creates a link to the search for the word.

Tips when posting

Timing – Get to know when is the best time for posting, this will become clearer the more you use it, think of it like bulk emailing and read tips on bulk emailing to pick up useful information.

The 2 post rule – Google appears to only display 2 posts per person in feeds, use the 2 post rule carefully.

Get seen – This will be delved in to later, as discussed in previous Google+ tips, the initial idea is to get at least 5 or 6 good posts in your stream before growing your circles (1st impressions)

Engage – when people comment they like a quick reply, if you make a post, not check it for 24 hours and someone commented 23 hours earlier, they may never come back to see the reply to their comment (watch your incoming and notifications, more about this later)

Remember who you are – It can still be confusing the way Google+ switches between Profiles and Pages, always know who you are when posting, commenting, or replying.

+1′ing – Don’t be afraid to +1 comments and good posts, but like wise don’t get too +1 left click happy

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