Google Delegated Authority Evaluation System

An evaluation system for reliably evaluating large amounts of content. Google Delegated Authority Evaluation System assigns a primary authority that can then designate one or more contributing authorities. Each contributing authorities is delegated a set amount of authority from the primary authority which they can then delegate to additional contributing authorities. Contributing authorities can only […]

Detecting PII

Have you received the following email from Google AdSense team? “Dear Publisher, We have now verified that we are no longer detecting PII being passed to Google from the account(s) under your control. Thank you for helping to resolve this matter. Regards, The Google Policy Team”   PII stands for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) It’s […]

How Many Links is Too Many Links

I’ve been running some little experiments by adding more and more internal links on a page to see if it has a negative effect on Google rankings. This page on one of my other sites ranks high in Google for Free Advertising It had approximately 30 internal links on the page which I decided to […]

Using Jump To Links for SEO

Just another little jump links test added to our SEO Tips page More about this jump to links test on V1 SEO   Page titles should be as descriptive Headers should include target keywords Content should be carefully considered and include the keyword Site navigation should be clear, precise, descriptive and use the correct anchor […]

JSON Generator

I moved our JSON Generator on to V1 SEO this morning. It’s a very simple tool that creates JSON mark-up for local businesses. Fill in your details to create your JSON mark up Business Name: Street Address: Town or City: County: Postcode: Business Category: Telephone Number: Website: The mark-up created can then be simply copied […]

Google+ Regurgitation Day

Google+ Regurgitation Day [ri-gur-ji-tey-shuh n] [dey] noun A typical day on Google+ when no Official Google Blogs have been updated for 24 hours, John Mueller has not posted on Google+ for 24 hours, Pierre Far has not posted on Google+ for 24 hours or a Google Webmasters Hangout hasn’t taken place for 24 hours. Regurgitation […]

Google Comments Form Generator

Want to add a Google Comment Form to any static page? Complete the form below to create your own Google Comments Form URL you want the comment form to appear on: (Change this to your own URL) Google Comments Generator

V1 SEO Number Plate

Are you searching for V1 SEO number plate because you saw it on a bright red VW Polo in Warwickshire? Let us know where and when you saw it to receive a free upgraded business directory listing in the UK Small Business Directory* If you took a photo of the V1 SEO VW Polo upload […]

SEO For Beginners Tips

Always remember a page is a page, a website is a website. To optimise a website you 1st need to optimise individual pages Treat each page as an individual project but keep them related and well structured. Site Structure and Navigation Individual well optimised pages need a good site structure and navigation system to rank […]

How to get jump links showing in Google

How to get jump links showing in Google V1 SEO Jump Link tips used for displaying Jump Links in the SERPs Jump links or jump to links have been appearing in the Google results pages for some time now, these jump link tips shows you how to obtain them in your results. Contents What are […]

UK Small Business Directory 200,000 Listings

Will you be listing number 200,000 in UK Small Business Directory? Free Special Upgraded Directory Listing for 200,000 To stop anyone trying to estimate when business listing 200,000 will be registered we will not be approving listings for the next few days. When we do approve listings, number 200,000 will be revealed and receive a […]

SEO Services for Tradesmen in Warwickshire

It was 10 years in June that I gave up working on the building and decided to do SEO full time. Having spent 25 years in the industry I decided enough was enough and that I just couldn’t afford to carry on working as it was costing me too much money being away from a […]

Why online reviews can’t be trusted

We all know about fake reviews but did you also know that a lot of big companies use review systems that are deliberately set up to be manipulative and obtain positive reviews? A popular review site uses a system where they ask for reviews in what the call The Customers Happy Time so there is […]

Improve your Citations Improve your Google Places Listing

It has long been believed that Google use citations from other websites and sources as a marker for Google Places listings. V1 SEO have spoken before about using Using Microdata for SEO and Using Rich Snippets and to improve local search. Today we talk about the importance of citations for improving Google Places listings. […]

Search Engine Friendly WordPress Theme

I’ve posted before about SEO friendly WordPress themes and as this blog becomes more SEO related decided to put my advice in to practice. The first thing you will notice about this blog is the fact it doesn’t have the usual header images you generally associate with WordPress sites. In place of the usual header […]

SEO and the single product website

The concept of single product web pages and single product websites owes itself really to PPC where the main objective is to target a landing page to a specific AdWords campaign and set of keywords. V1 SEO are now expanding on this to provide optimised single product web pages which are set up to target […]

Google +1 Checker

I’ve just discovered my Google +1 Checker Tool had stopped working :( No idea how long it has been broken, but I have just updated it and all seems OK again Google +1 Checker

Traffic Baiting

I originally made this post back in May/June 2011 after seeing how important I thought having a Google Profile would become and after thinking Google must use traffic data more. Here we are nearly 12 months later, Google say they are changing the way back-links are being used and SEO’s are paniking. Was my prediction […]

Traffic Rating

I originally made this post back in June/July 2011 after seeing how important I thought traffic data may become. Was my prediction that the traffic data Google obtain via the SERP’s correct? Who knows, but as Google appear to be using more and more social features I still think it could have a bearing and […]

SEO Keywords Finder

The V1 SEO keyword finder helps you find keywords related to business categories. Select category from list to see related keywords. 3D Visualisation Abba Tribute Acts Access Consultants Access equipment Accessible Bathrooms Accident Investigators Accommodation Accountants Acupuncture Adventure Sports advertising Advertising Agencies Aerial Installers Affiliate Marketing After School Activities Agriculture Air Compressors Air Conditioning Equipment […]

Google Plus Tips

5 of my favourite little Google Plus tools, tips and tricks that webmasters can use on their own websites. Self Hosted Google Plus Widget Google+ Search Box Google +1 Checker Google Plus Author Search Google Structured Data Testing Tool Button Find out more about each on my page – Google Plus Tools, Tips and Tricks […]

Google+ Stats

This page has been set up to display the stats and compare Facebook, Twitter and Google+ usage by small businesses who sign up to UK Small Business Directory. It displays how many businesses added their Facebook details, Twitter details and Google+ details when they registered in UK Small Business Directory. Week 1 – 1st to […]

Link Devaluation

SEO Weasel has an interesting theory about Link Devaluation SEO Weasel says webmasters and website owners should stop running around like headless chickens looking at other websites for bad backlinks and links that have been devalued but instead try looking a little closer to home. Have you got a website with a good navigation system […]

Using Rich Snippets

Although Google say; “Google doesn’t use markup for ranking purposes at this time” they also go on to say; “but rich snippets can make your web pages appear more prominently in search results, so you may see an increase in traffic.” Something else they don’t mention, but which our testing appear to validate is that […]

UK Small Business Directory Reviews

This page has been set up so you can provide reviews and comments on the the services provided by UK Small Business Directory Please provide a link to where your listing is within the directory when commenting. Please have a browse through this blog whilst you’re here, you will find lots of useful SEO information, […]

Elderly People Cover Blurred Lines

You’ve probably seen the elderly people cover of Uptown Funk by now Lets all hope and prey they don’t do a cover of Blurred Lines Elderly people cover Blurred Lines – Old people cover Blurred Lines Coming soon

SEO Expert UK SEO Experts

You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince. You have to name a lot of SEO Experts to become an SEO Expert Name SEO Experts, list SEO Experts, Praise SEO Experts, Comment on SEO Experts posts and one day my son you too may be called an SEO Expert UK SEO […]

SEO Tips

Content moved to our new SEO Tips page.   Page titles should be as descriptive Headers should include target keywords Content should be carefully considered and include the keyword Site navigation should be clear, precise, descriptive and use the correct anchor text Alt attributes (using keywords) should be used whenever images are displayed. Content should […]

Kashflow Promotional Code 2015 – AFF2100231

Take advantage of a Free Kashflow Trial and discounted price and give your accountant a reason to smile Free Trial and discounted price with Kashflow Promotional Code AFF2100231 No more scraps of paper. No more dodgy spread sheets. No more getting in a right mess with you books. No more bollockings from your accountant. What […]