SEO Tips 2016

  1. Page titles should be as descriptive as possible about the content of the page and include main keyword target of the page.

    Try to use page titles that contain your key phrases but ensure that they still read well to the human eye.

  2. Headings should include target keyword of the page.

    If your pages are divided in to sections or sub-sections give the sections headings using H tags with keywords within them.

  3. Content should be carefully considered and include the keyword and derivative keywords evenly throughout the page.

    Content needs to be written for visitors not search engines, but good copy will have a sprinkling of key words, key phrases and related phrases but still read well.

  4. Site navigation should be clear, precise, descriptive and use the correct anchor text whenever possible.

    When creating navigation systems and menus try to be as clear in the navigation what pages are about before people even get to the page.

  5. Alt attibutes (using keywords) should be used whenever images are displayed.

    If you sell red trilby hats and have a photo of a red trilby hat on your page make the alt attribute for it red trilby hat.

  6. Content should be appealing, informative and encourage visitor engagement.

    Do bounce rates help for SEO? Lots of people speculate that it does, but even if it doesn’t it makes sense to try and keep people on your site, visiting other pages on your site and sharing the good experience they have on your site.

  7. Locations should be frequently displayed for any location based service.

    If you’re a Shipston-on-Stour based carpenter and only operate within a 5 mile radius of Shipston-on-Stour make it clear on your page by mentioning Shipston-on-Stour.

  8. Always remember, a page is a page, each page of a website should be individually optimised.

    Individual pages rank, if you sell hats and shoes you don’t want your hats page to appear when people search for shoes, optimise each individual page for the content it has on it.

  9. Synonyms, Semantics and Thesaurus.

    After you have your list of keywords use a Thesaurus to find Synonyms and try to include them within your page content.

  10. Deep links to your important pages

    If you have an important page on your website about pink rabbits, rather than getting people interested in pink rabbits linking to your homepage encourage them to deeplink to your pink rabbits page (preferably using pink rabbits as the anchor text).

  11. Show them who you are

    Build up trust by making it easy for visitors (and search engines) to find out exactly who you are by using prominent about, terms and privacy pages and by also including your company details on your homepage and other primary pages

And a couple of bonus tips

  1. Coding should be error free and kept to a minimum.

    Not saying that having your code validating or not has a great deal of effect on rankings, but it makes sense to keep it as clean as possible so search engines don’t trip up on anything.

  2. Make the file name of the page descriptive by using the target keywords.

    Again, not that important, but if a page url is /red-hats.htm as opposed to /productid=2345 it is clearer to see what it is about before visiting it.

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These are the top 10 SEO Tips to help you rank higher in Google.

These are just the basic onpage SEO Tips you should follow when constructing each main page of a website, the pages should be treated individually and then linked together using a search engine friendly navigation system.

Once your pages are constructed in a search engine friendly way, are linked together using a search engine friendly navigation system and the site is ready to go the real SEO starts.



The Alternative Top 10 SEO Tips for 2015 that Gary Illyes and Mat Cutts tried to ban

1. The busty bra technique – Lift and separate: If you are going to interlink multiple websites be very careful about lifting and separating and don’t take shortcuts by lifting content from money sites and spreading it too thinly over feeder sites.

2. Virgin Snow: Remember that it is easy to find footprints in virgin snow

3. Golden Goose: Look after them and they will look after you.

4. Talk Bollocks: If talking sense and providing expertise isn’t working, just talk bollocks.

5. Annie Knows Best: You are, and always will be, your number one fan.

6. Name Dropping: I only said to Matt Cutts last week that I was thinking about preparing my list of top 10 SEO Tips for 2015

7. SEO Waffling: A lower grade of bollocks but produced on a more regular basis.

8. Sexy SEO: Does there have to be a reason?

9. The Good Shepherd: Lead your sheep wisely, care for them, nurture them and when the time is right fleece them.

10. A picture is worth a thousand words: SEO Tips Especially if you make sure you add some SEO keywords to thae alt attibute


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