I’ve posted before about SEO friendly WordPress themes and as this blog becomes more SEO related decided to put my advice in to practice.

The first thing you will notice about this blog is the fact it doesn’t have the usual header images you generally associate with WordPress sites.

In place of the usual header you will see that every page has a h1 header which is relevant to the post / page title.

The navigation bar below the header uses the twentyeleven menu system and is a combination of posts / pages / and static pages.

Next we have a row of social buttons, as much for aesthetics as anything else but also used to engage visitors.

Looking at a page rather than a post or category we see all the additional blogging coding is stripped out of the source and a sidebar of all categories and 20 most recent posts is displayed.

After the content is displayed we get to a hard coded section in footer.php with links through to the usual pages one would expect to see in a footer.

Next we look at the category pages, these contain the 10 most recent posts in the category (not just a snippet as you often see, but the full post) Any category with more than 10 posts in it then has a link to older posts.

Having looked at pages and Categories we now look at Posts.

Posts vary considerably from Pages and Categories in that the sidebar menu is removed, which gives more emphasis to the post itself.

Using my Free SEO Advice post as an example you will see the title and main headers reflect the content of the post, there are far fewer internal links in template of the post, the content is given top priority, a link pointing to the category the post is in is included and also a link to an author page of the post author.

Comments are switched on so as to encourage engagement with any comments being approved and responded to as quickly as possible.

All in all this is a very Search Engine Friendly WordPress Theme which with a few other obvious adaptations could be even better from an SEO point of view.

There is obviously a little more to this site than I have displayed above if You would like to know more about setting up a search engine friendly WordPress theme on your site please contact me at 1@v1seo.co.uk or call me on 01608 685039

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