How to get jump links showing in Google

V1 SEO Jump Link tips used for displaying Jump Links in the SERPs

Jump links or jump to links have been appearing in the Google results pages for some time now, these jump link tips shows you how to obtain them in your results.

What are jump links

Jump links are links on a page that when clicked on jump to another section on the same page, these are most commonly found on the tops of pages which have lots of content so the site visitor can just jump to a specific section on the page.
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Instructions for setting up Jump Links

First you have to have a link that triggers the jump link by using #place_to_jump_to then you have to set where on the page the jump link is jumping to using name=”place_to_jump_to”.
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Showing jump links in Google

To get your jump links showing in Google you need to use the correct microdata and mark-up and have you pages set out in a jump link friendly way.
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How can I get my jump links in Google

If you would like further information about how to get your jump links showing in Google contact or comment below.
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Author details

These Jump Link tips were written by Terry Simmonds – SEO expert at V1 SEO.
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