Wine Cellar Alternatives

When we were living in the White Cottage I used to store my wine in a nice cool cupboard under the stairs.

Having moved to Honington we have an open staircase with no cupboard under and the only other suitable cupboard is next to the utility room which results in the temperature fluctuating to much.

I haven’t got enough wine to justify a walk in wine cellar so are contemplating buying a freestanding wine cooler which look so nice that I could have it on display in the dining room.

Is storing Wine in a Wine Cooler a Good Alternative to a Wine Cellar

Provided it is a top quality wine cooler with both heating & cooling functions, is humidity controlled, is vibration free and stops your wine being exposed to UV Light a wine cooler cabinet can be ideal for storing wine

Why a Wine Fridge and not an Ordinary Fridge

An ordinary fridge isn’t designed for storing wine where it is important to maintain a constant temperature at approx. 12 – 14 degrees.