Traditional Stone House Signs

A good house sign should be both practical and attractive, providing visitors with information critical to locating the home while also having an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Such a house sign would provide an appropriate finishing touch to a newly completed or restored home. However, signs of this nature do not only serve private dwellings but can be essential for small businesses. Whatever the use of a house sign the customer should carefully select a type of house sign that is appropriate for their requirements from a range of hundreds of signs which differ in terms of shape, size and materials.

Rustic house plaques are the house sign of choice for homes which are older that have recently been restored or refurbished. Such a sign offers an attractive centrepiece for the exterior of the home, ideal when restoration work has come to its conclusion. Rustic house plaques also look striking on more historic properties where a modern house sign would not be in keeping with the building. However, for more contemporary homes smooth edged slate house plaques may be more appropriate. These house signs add a smart and stylish touch to the exterior of a modern home.

When a more specialist solution is in order solar house signs provide an ideal solution. These signs are particularly well suited to small businesses which may need to be located during the hours of darkness. The lighting provided via the solar powered system ensures that the business can be located with ease even in darkness. This can also be important for private dwellings that are owned by the elderly or other vulnerable people. A solar house sign ensures that the home can be easily identified at any time of the day which can be critical for emergency services if an incident were to occur. Moreover, these signs will even operate in the event of a power cut as they are entirely self-sufficient when it comes to power production.

However, house signs of this nature may be inappropriate or impractical for a home or business that has a long driveway. In this instance freestanding hanging house signs may prove to me more useful. These signs can be mounted in concrete to ensure their resilience to both the passage of time and the elements. Whatever sign is chosen house signs are fully customisable to the exact requirements of the customer including shape, size, material and the text used.