Garden Memorial Stones

The death of a loved one can be a wrenching experience which affects each individual in a different way. Some who suffer the death of a loved one may feel the need to visit a memorial on a daily or even a weekly basis. However, visiting a cemetery or wherever that loved one may be buried may not always be practical due to differing circumstances. In such an instance erecting a memorial stone within the garden can provide the grieving individual with the opportunity feel close to the deceased loved one without having to leave the home.

The best option for those who to create a fitting tribute to a deceased loved one that will stand the best of time and withstand the harsh elements is a garden memorial stone. Such stones can be made from slate, paddle stone, sandstone or limestone and will endure far better than wood or metal memorials which can rot or tarnish. The memorial stone can be used to mark a place in the garden where the ashes were scattered, to mark a favourite place of the deceased loved one, to mark a tree planted in memory of the individual or simply to mark a quiet place where the memory of the deceased loved one can be quietly reflected upon.