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V1 SEO specialise in helping small businesses improve their online presence by providing SEO training to you or your own staff.

Good SEO costs thousands of pounds, we appreciate that for most small business this outlay is out of the question without being extremely confident you will receive a good Return on Investment.

With this in mind we provide you with the knowledge and tools for creating your own Search Engine Optimisation campaigns and the decision is then yours as to how you continue.

If you want us to help more we will, if you want to just train staff to do optimising in-house we can help, if you want to just take control and do things yourself we will leave it to you.

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Stratford SEO BirthplaceStratford-upon-Avon SEO specialising in helping small local South Warwickshire businesses improve their online presence.

Realistic and cost effective SEO services devised to help you rank for the keywords and phrases that matter to you.

A local born and bred Stratford SEO who you can trust ~ Ranking Websites since 2001

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What makes an SEO Expert?

Most SEO Experts are either smart enough to know you can buy becoming an SEO Expert, cocky enough to describe themselves as an SEO Expert, nerdy enough to become an SEO Expert or be part of a team that makes them an SEO Expert.

To become a real SEO Expert it helps to either have an obsessive nature or to take advantage of others who do.

It doesn't take a great deal of time to learn the basics of SEO but it takes a lot of time being very meticulous and almost obsessive about testing, experimenting and recording findings.

The type of person who puts in the time learning the finer points of SEO tends to be the more introvert amongst us which can hold them back.

The ideal SEO Experts tend to be those that have an obsessive nature, work meticulously, combined with an extrovert personality - The I'm an SEO Expert and I'll tell everyone how good I am type.

The well known SEO Experts can be more managerial, they may have a good knowledge of SEO but are more likely to have a team of nerdy types doing all the work whilst they are the face of the company, are more extrovert and obtain followers who proclaim them as SEO Experts.

What type of SEO Expert is best for you

To a degree the best type of SEO Expert for you depends on your nature.

The type of person who sees SEO as a cost is always going to struggle, if you have a £500 a month budget for SEO there are literaly thousands of SEO companies out there happy to take your £500

You may strike lucky and find a good SEO who gives you a ROI, but equally so you may find you're spending £500 a month for months on end and see no returns.

The type of person who sees spending money on SEO as speculating to accumulate and as part of their general marketing budget has far more chance, provided they have the right type of SEO Expert.

So what is the right type of SEO Expert

The ideal SEO Expert is the obsessive, compulsive type who sees gaining high Google rankings as a challenge, they're not clock watching, charging for every minute of their time and happy to take your money for mediocre results. They see obtaining high rankings as a personal challenge and are prepared to put in the extras required to obtain their Goal, they don't just want to rank your website to keep you happy, they are doing it to keep themselves happy.

The key is that they are not treated as an employee or a service provider, they are treated as part of the team, they shouldn't just be paid a fee for obtaining a ranking for a keyword, but should be adequately rewarded for the extra revenue their work has generated for you.

SEO is unprofessional - I don't want to deal with nerdy weirdos

You may consider the nerdy, obsessive SEO isn't the type of person you want to deal with, if that's the case the more extrovert, I'm an SEO Expert type may be for you.

They may still do the good old fashioned work needed for SEO but they brush up better and are suited up. They will speak your language when with you, but still do the work or use others to do it for them.

The third type of SEO Expert is the digital agency or SEO company owner who employs or makes use of the other two types or even outsources to the other two type but fronts everything in a very professional way.

Choose your SEO Expert wisely

Like a lot of things in live a lot depends on your attitude to risk aversion and your attitude - Choose your SEO Expert wisely to match your personality.

SEO Warwickshire ~ Why should your website rank higher in Google than anyone else's?

  1. Does your website provide the most relevant information about what the searcher is searching for?
  2. Is it quick and easy to find the right information on your pages?
  3. Is all the information fresh and up to date?
  4. Would you say it was easy for a visitor to your website to share the information with their friends?
  5. If you visited your website as a general visitor, would you like the feel of the site, feel it is trustworthy and be happy to recommend it to your friends?
  6. Is there something memorable about your site that would prompt a reaction if previous visitors were talking amongst themselves about the products/information on your website?
  7. If a group of people were talking about the products/information on your website do you think your website would be mentioned in the conversation?
  8. Do you ever see your website randomly mentioned on Facebook, Twitter, forums, articles, other websites, etc.?
  9. Would it be useful to another website owner to use information from your website?
  10. Have you a system in place that makes it clear that, you or your webmaster, are approachable to other website owners/webmasters?
  11. Can you provide; articles, press releases, information, high quality images, etc. to those who would like to use it, and IMPORTANTLY do you make it clear that you are happy to do this?
  12. Would you consider yourself to be an expert on the products/information displayed on your website, or if not an expert, someone with a good knowledge of the products/information?
  13. Is it easy to navigate around your website when looking for further information on not only your products/information, but also your location, your contact details, your business history, your company information, your terms, your privacy policy and your returns policy?
  14. Is your website better than your competitions?

If you answered No to any of the qustions above, ask yourself again - Why should your website rank higher in Google than anyone elses?

5 years ago you could have said No to at least a dozen of the above questions and still ranked high in Google

Say No to just 2 or 3 of them now and your chances of ranking high are diminished more and more.

If you require help with any of the above - Get in Touch.

If you have answered Yes to all of the above but still want help - Get in Touch.

If you think all the above is bollocks and just want someone to rank you higher - Feel free to come back after you have been scammed a couple of times or have had your website blacklisted in Google.