SEO Training Course Warwickshire

Learn How to do SEO effectively with to this fantastic new SEO Training Course.

Available in weekly modules and also available for download so you can study at your own pace, the course consist of 5 modules.

Week 1
Learn how to pull the wool over peoples eyes and make them look up to you, recommend you and reference you whenever they are discussing SEO.

Week 2
Learn how not to leave tiny footprints in virgin snow.

Week 3
Learn how to say in 300 words what others say in 5 words.

Week 4
Learn how to name-drop effectively – As I said to John Mueller and Gary Illyes this can be quite beneficial at times.

Week 5
Learn the fundamentals of content marketing such as;

  • It’s not what you write it’s where you write it.
  • Regurgitating your content again and again on Google+, facebook, twitter and forums isn’t spam, it’s enlightening people who may have missed it the 1st 18 times that you published it.
  • Why waste 800px x 609px of real estate on words when you have a photo of a someone falling over

    someone falling over

  • Click Bait is really, really annoying unless you thought of the headline 1st
  • Paying a Huff Post journalist to ghost write your link embedded article isn’t buying links, it’s paying to have your informative article published on a high quality journal.

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