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What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a bit of a buzzword at the moment but what exactly is local SEO and why all the confusion?

We’ve had a few people mention Local SEO to us recently but after completely different things

1. For some people Local SEO means finding a SEO company near them who they can have face to face meetings with or occasional meet-ups

2. For others Local SEO means finding an SEO company who will help the business rank for local search terms near where the business is located or where the business provides their services.

Let’s take a look at number 1 first

Local SEO Services ~ Using an SEO Company located near you

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A lot of people still like the hands on approach, like to physically meet the SEO working on their site, like to have face-to-face meetings and like to build up a good working relationship up with somebody local to them.

This tends to be better for those wanting long term relationships and those who value trust

The website owner doesn’t necessarily have to provide a local service and can be targeting nationwide customers although it does help if they provide local services as the SEO tends to know the target areas and target markets better, plus local networking is so much easier if the SEO is also local.

Now let’s look at number 2.

Local SEO Services ~ Targeting a local area within a certain radius of you

With this type of SEO the target market is far more pinpointed and niche, if you are a local tradesman service provider, etc. and only travel within a 20 mile radius of you office, yard, studio, shop, etc, the SEO should be thinking locally and targeting phrases with locations, near me, local, etc.

With this type of SEO it is also important to be known locally as the local tradesman, as the tradesman to go to, as the tradesman who others recommend, etc. basically a form of word of mouth marketing but done online.

Local SEO isn’t just about organic Google rankings, it’s also about localised, well targeted PPC, about having a good Google My Business Listing (Google Maps Listing) and about good local social networking and traditional local networking.

What is the one connection with both types of Local SEO Warwickshire

With 1. It’s obviously the fact that the SEO should be local to the business owner

With 2. An SEO local to the business owner in all likelihood also knows the target locations, target markets and if they have been in the industry a while probably know the local businesses better which in turn helps with local networking and word of mouth

Who is the Best SEO for Local SEO

If you have read the above observation it will become obvious the best SEO for Local SEO is a Local SEO whether your looking for Local SEO (1) or Local SEO (2)

V1 SEO is a website run by TJS Marketing Limited a local South Warwickshire SEO Company from Shipston who specialise in Local SEO Services – Call now if you require help with Local SEO – 01608 663759

Local SEO Tools

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