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Starting an SEO Campaign

Before even starting SEO these are the important things

Are You Trade Only?

Do you only sell to trade and account holders or to general public too?

Who are your customers and what are they looking for?

Targeting local – May be searching for products but more than likely looking for a local supplier

Targeting National – Probably looking for trade prices, bulk items, established nationwide supplier

A business like your isn’t really the same as most online businesses as I assume you don’t want to just sell one or 2 products to members of public but want to be selling packs or truck full of products

Ideally You want to appear higher when people search for a drainage supplier, pipe supplier, etc. rather than Joe Blogs looking for a 6m x 110mm sewer pipe.


Are you established and well known in your field?

Would your main customers already know you by name and are existing customers as much a priority as new customers?


Who’s the target customer?

Buyer for large builder

Buyer for large Groundwork or Utilities company

Buyer for specialist drainage company (golf courses, sports grounds, etc.)

Buyer for large Landscaping company (irrigation, large gardens, pond, etc.)

Buyer for land agent/farm (irrigation, large drainage, culverts, etc.)

Small builder



Landscaping company




Once target established – think about what they search for

Make up a list of 20/30 little key phrases that your target may search for and build these in to the content of site, set specific pages for most important using the phrase as the page title


Do you do any PPC (Pay Per Click – Google Ads)

Expensive if not careful but if managed and monitored very beneficial

Not only for bringing in customers but for gathering data on user behaviour


What Products or Services Give the Best ROI (return on investment)

It’s far better spending the time and money on optimising the products or services that give the best ROI

Why spend a lot of time and money trying to rank for something that earns pennies when you can spend that time and money trying to rank for things that earn pounds


Have you people within the company who can provide website content?

More content would be good for the website, it has a blog/news section a few posts every now and then would benefit.

You could pay an outside source to do this, but if you are already paying employees, would any have a spare hour a week do learn and do this.
Or better still could you do this?


Can you get testimonials / reviews?

Can you ask any customers to provide some testimonials that you can publish on the website?


Relationships with suppliers and local businesses

Could you ask your suppliers to list you on their website and do a little write up about you (if not already)

The same with local businesses you supply to, if you provided them with a write up about you could you get any to publish it on their websites (you could offer to do the same for them)


Google Analytics

Are you monitoring your Google Analytics?


Google Search Console

Do you have a Google Search Console account?


Google My Business Listings (Google Maps)

Do you control both your Google My Business listings and know how to manage and update them?

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