Top 10 UK SEO Experts

You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince.

You have to name a lot of SEO Experts to become an SEO Expert

Name SEO Experts, list SEO Experts, Praise SEO Experts, Comment on SEO Experts posts and one day my son you too may be called an SEO Expert

UK SEO Experts

Expert – A person who has extensive skill or knowledge in a particular field.

SEO Expert Arthur Crisp

Relatively unknown outside the circle

SEO Expert Jack Fisher

Once described as a Prince amongst men

Bob Bob

Bob Bob a many who seldom keyword stuffs

SEO Expert Jim Dance

His dancing doesn’t live up to his name

SEO Expert Gerald Duck

Absolutely quackers

Peter Bootle

Bootle isn’t that the pools?

SEO Expert Tommy Drew

The less said the better

SEO Expert Thomas Drizzle

Like a wet weekend in Bognor

Jacob Black

We all know what colour hat he wears

Toby Vincent

Just a F***Wit if you ask me.

What do you think? anyone missing from the list who you would expect to see there?

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You can even nominate yourself if you want to, but rest assured if you do you will be thoroughly given the once over by our team of web people who were once described as being like a pack of Rottweiler’s on heat.

Bare in mind though that this list tends to change on a regular basis (if I can be arsed to update it)

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