Unique Stone Pet Memorials

Only those who have experienced the bond that grows between a much loved family pet and its owner can possibly understand the sense of loss felt when that pet comes to the end of its life. Many who lose a beloved family pet feel that it would be appropriate to mark this event and honour the memory of the pet through a memorial stone. Such a stone can be used to mark the pets grave or where the ashes were scattered or simply an area of the garden loved by the pet where the owner can spend quiet time reflecting upon the animal.

There are many differing options available when it comes to pet memorials to suit the requirements of individual pet owners. The highest quality pet memorials are made using slate or paddle stone as these materials do not rot or tarnish as wooden or metal memorials often do. Moreover, the memorial can be wall mounted or freestanding depending on the owner's requirements and the layout of the garden. By choosing a high quality pet memorial the owner can ensure that it will withstand the test of time and exposure to the elements and honour the memory of the pet for the years to come.